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Don’t Be Jealous Of Sinners

It’s hard to watch the wicked prosper. Especially when you are trying to do the right things and live your life for Jesus. When those who do not fear the Lord seem to get ahead, it’s just not fair. Why do they have so many blessings and we just struggle? Solomon said this:

Do not let your heart envy sinners,
but always be zealous for the fear of the Lord.

18 There is surely a future hope for you,
    and your hope will not be cut off. – Proverbs 23:17-18 (NIV)

Pastor and author Randy Alcorn said this:

“The best of life on Earth is a glimpse of Heaven; the worst of life is a glimpse of Hell. For Christians, this present life is the closest they will come to Hell. For unbelievers, it is the closest they will come to Heaven.”

Remember that God has promised you a future in Heaven with Him. The best things in this life cannot compare with the future God has prepared for you. This life is brief and Heaven is eternal. Stay faithful to Jesus for your hope is secure in Him. Better days are coming…

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