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Confidence Versus Arrogance

Faithfulness is one of the keys that unlocks confidence in Christ. Check out what the Apostle John wrote. He said:

And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming. – 1 John 2:28 (NIV)

There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. When we live our lives in faithful service to Jesus, we can have confidence in our status before Him when He returns. It’s not arrogance. Arrogance says, “Don’t you know who I am?” Arrogance believes that one deserves Heaven. Confidence says, “I know who He is.” Confidence believes that the grace of God is sufficient to bring us to our heavenly home. Arrogance pridefully thinks that it is all about us. Confidence humbly knows that it is all about Him. This confidence we have comes from walking faithfully with Jesus in love for and service to Him. Be faithful today and confidently trust in His grace to lead you home.

I’m Glad I’m Not Like…

The latest message from Griffith First Christian Church in Griffith, Indiana. This message is based on Luke 18:9-14.


The Lord Gives Wisdom

When it comes to wisdom and understanding, God is the source of both. Solomon writes:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. – Proverbs 9:10 (NIV)

James, the brother of Jesus, wrote in his letter:

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. – James 1:5 (NIV)

How do we acquire wisdom? By asking the Lord. If you want to make wise choices and make better decisions, you need to ask the Lord for wisdom. That means humbling yourself before Him and seeking Him and His wisdom. You can learn quite a bit from people as far as knowledge is concerned, but if you want to be wise, you need to go to the source of wisdom and that is God. Take a little bit of time to pray today and ask the Lord for wisdom. He will generously give you all that you need to be wise.

The Beginning Of Knowledge

If you want to be wise, you’ve got to be humble before the Lord. The Lord is the one who gives wisdom and knowledge. Solomon wrote this in the first chapter of Proverbs:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
    but fools despise wisdom and instruction. – Proverbs 1:7 (NIV)

Wisdom and knowledge are not just freely bestowed, though. Wisdom and knowledge come through instruction. If you want to grow wise, you’ve got to listen to the wise. If you want to gain knowledge, you have to heed instruction. Fools despise the instruction that they are given says Solomon. Those who want wisdom and knowledge must first humble themselves under the instruction of the Lord. That means heeding His Word. God has given us His Word in order to instruct us in our lives. It is an instruction manual from the Maker of us all to teach us how to use what He has made to its fullest potential. We would be wise to listen to – and to do – what He says.

God Hears Our Prayers

You don’t have to be a spiritual superhero for God to hear your prayers. You need a simple faith in Him and His power and you need to pray according to His will. James gives this example from the Old Testament:

Elijah was a human being, even as we are. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years.18 Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops. – James 5:17-18 (NIV)

Elijah was an Old Testament prophet who was concerned about how the king of Israel, Ahab, had turned God’s people away from the Lord in order to worship the false god, Baal. So Elijah prayed that there would be a drought in the land and there was for over three years. Elijah was an ordinary man who believed in the power of God and he prayed for God’s will to be done. James is telling us that the Lord can and will do amazing things if we simply believe in Him and His mighty power and if we humble ourselves before the Lord. Pray in humility and faith and watch God do the impossible.

Drawing Near To God

We don’t have to be afraid to approach God just as we are. God is holy and we do not deserve to come into His presence as wretched sinners. Yet, we see in James 4 that we can come near to God and He will not reject us, but rather He will draw near to us. James wrote:

Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. 9 Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. 10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. – James 4:8-10 (NIV)

The key to approaching God is humility. We have to humble ourselves before the Lord. Instead of puffing ourselves up with pride, we come humbly before Him. We need to recapture an awareness of the majesty and holiness of God. We need to remember who God truly is and who we really are. We are sinners who deserve death and wrath, but God, in His great love and grace, forgives our sins and gives us the gift of eternal life. Praise be to His holy name!

God Longs For You

Our Heavenly Father is a jealous God. He’s not envious, mind you. Rather, He is jealous the way someone is jealous for their spouse. God wants all of our love and affection because He loves us so deeply. After saying that friendship with the world means hatred toward God, James wrote:

Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us? 6 But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says:
“God opposes the proud
but shows favor to the humble.” – James 4:5-6 (NIV)

God gave you your life. He gave you your spirit and soul. He knows your deepest longing and your deepest need and that is Him. When we run after the things of this world and choose them over God, it breaks His heart. Yet, He shows us great grace when we return back to Him. The Bible says that we are all like sheep who have gone astray. God lovingly searches for us and brings us back to His arms of safety and love. If you’re wandering away from God, you have to know that it is safe to return home. He’ll welcome you back with grace and love.

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