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Continue To Do Good

In 1 Peter 4, the Apostle Peter talks about those who suffer persecution for following Jesus. Persecution is inevitable. God, Peter says, will have the final say when He judges the world. God is able to use our suffering for good. He grows our faith in Christ through participation in His sufferings. Instead of retaliating, we should do something else. Peter wrote:

So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good. – 1 Peter 4:19 (NIV)

We should continue to do good. If you suffer for your faith, don’t throw in the towel. If you suffer persecution for Jesus, don’t give up. Keep your eyes on Him and continue to do good. Let God have the final say as you continue to do good. Continue to love your neighbor and your enemy. Continue to serve the poor and needy. Continue to pray for those who persecute you and forgive them. This is how we continue to do good and look more like our Leader, Jesus.

The Rubber Meets The Road

James 2:14-17 (NIV)
What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? 15 Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? 17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.
We know that we are saved by the free gift of God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  We know that there is nothing that we can do to earn God’s grace.  We can’t buy it or be good enough for it or do enough good deeds to balance out our sin.  On our own, we are sunk.  We are dead in our sin and sinfulness.  When we come to faith in Christ, God changes our standing and reconciles us to Himself.  So how do we know that we truly belong to Him?  The answer is simple – by our deeds.
We do not do good works to be saved.  We do good works BECAUSE we are saved.  Good works are God’s love in action.  Good works are the evidence of the transformation that is brought about by the saving work of Jesus Christ in us.  Good works are where the rubber meets the road.
It does not do anyone in need any good if we wish them well on their way without putting our faith in action.  Faith is more than intellectual assent. It is more than just agreeing that Jesus Christ is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  It is demonstrating that faith by our deeds.
As you encounter people, especially brothers and sisters in Christ, in need, be quick to lend a hand in Jesus’ name.  Christians and churches who do not help those in need are merely giving lip service to their faith.  Let us use our resources, our time and our abilities to demonstrate the reality that we have been saved by the free gift of God’s grace.  Let us demonstrate our gratitude to Jesus by sharing His love for the world with those in need.
PRAYER: Help me, O God, to be generous with good works.  May I have opportunities today to share Your love with those I encounter.  May I seize these opportunities that You have prepared in advance for me to do.  I know that apart from You, I am lost.  I thank You for Your grace and mercy.  Help me to extend mercy to those in need that they may know You and Your grace and that they may find Your salvation.  In the name of Jesus the Savior, Amen.

A Job To Do

Everyone has a job to do in getting the work of God’s Kingdom accomplished.  In Nehemiah 3, we see a long list of names of those who went about the repairing and rebuilding of the gates of Jerusalem.  You may not know who these people are.  We probably won’t ever figure out how to pronounce half of them.  But their work on the walls of Jerusalem did not go unnoticed.  Nehemiah gave them credit.  God took note of their efforts.  Their names are recorded for all of history.
You have a job to do in accomplishing the work of God’s Kingdom.  You have a responsibility to use your God-given gifts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your name may not be written in an historical narrative, but it is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  No one on earth may notice your efforts, but God sees every act of kindness and every deed done in Jesus’ name.  He has taking note of what you’ve done.  He will reward you on the day Christ returns.
Do not get discouraged.  Do not give up.  Persevere and keep pressing on and doing the good works which God has prepared for you to do.

Nehemiah 3

New International Version (NIV)

Builders of the Wall

3 Eliashib the high priest and his fellow priests went to work and rebuilt the Sheep Gate.They dedicated it and set its doors in place, building as far as the Tower of the Hundred, which they dedicated, and as far as the Tower of Hananel. 2 The men of Jericho built the adjoining section, and Zakkur son of Imri built next to them.

3 The Fish Gate was rebuilt by the sons of Hassenaah. They laid its beams and put its doors and bolts and bars in place. 4 Meremoth son of Uriah, the son of Hakkoz, repaired the next section. Next to him Meshullam son of Berekiah, the son of Meshezabel, made repairs, and next to him Zadok son of Baana also made repairs. 5 The next section was repaired by the men of Tekoa, but their nobles would not put their shoulders to the work under their supervisors.

6 The Jeshanah Gate was repaired by Joiada son of Paseah and Meshullam son of Besodeiah. They laid its beams and put its doors with their bolts and bars in place. 7 Next to them, repairs were made by men from Gibeon and Mizpah—Melatiah of Gibeon and Jadon of Meronoth—places under the authority of the governor of Trans-Euphrates. 8 Uzziel son of Harhaiah, one of the goldsmiths, repaired the next section; and Hananiah, one of the perfume-makers, made repairs next to that. They restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall. 9 Rephaiah son of Hur, ruler of a half-district of Jerusalem, repaired the next section.10 Adjoining this, Jedaiah son of Harumaph made repairs opposite his house, and Hattush son of Hashabneiah made repairs next to him. 11 Malkijah son of Harim and Hasshub son of Pahath-Moab repaired another section and the Tower of the Ovens. 12 Shallum son of Hallohesh, ruler of a half-district of Jerusalem, repaired the next section with the help of his daughters.

13 The Valley Gate was repaired by Hanun and the residents of Zanoah. They rebuilt it and put its doors with their bolts and bars in place. They also repaired a thousand cubits of the wall as far as the Dung Gate.

14 The Dung Gate was repaired by Malkijah son of Rekab, ruler of the district of Beth Hakkerem. He rebuilt it and put its doors with their bolts and bars in place.

15 The Fountain Gate was repaired by Shallun son of Kol-Hozeh, ruler of the district of Mizpah. He rebuilt it, roofing it over and putting its doors and bolts and bars in place. He also repaired the wall of the Pool of Siloam, by the King’s Garden, as far as the steps going down from the City of David. 16 Beyond him, Nehemiah son of Azbuk, ruler of a half-district of Beth Zur, made repairs up to a point opposite the tombs of David, as far as the artificial pool and the House of the Heroes.

17 Next to him, the repairs were made by the Levites under Rehum son of Bani. Beside him, Hashabiah, ruler of half the district of Keilah, carried out repairs for his district. 18 Next to him, the repairs were made by their fellow Levites under Binnui son of Henadad, ruler of the other half-district of Keilah. 19 Next to him, Ezer son of Jeshua, ruler of Mizpah, repaired another section, from a point facing the ascent to the armory as far as the angle of the wall.20 Next to him, Baruch son of Zabbai zealously repaired another section, from the angle to the entrance of the house of Eliashib the high priest. 21 Next to him, Meremoth son of Uriah, the son of Hakkoz, repaired another section, from the entrance of Eliashib’s house to the end of it.

22 The repairs next to him were made by the priests from the surrounding region. 23 Beyond them, Benjamin and Hasshub made repairs in front of their house; and next to them, Azariah son of Maaseiah, the son of Ananiah, made repairs beside his house. 24 Next to him, Binnui son of Henadad repaired another section, from Azariah’s house to the angle and the corner, 25 and Palal son of Uzai worked opposite the angle and the tower projecting from the upper palace near the court of the guard. Next to him, Pedaiah son of Parosh 26 and the temple servants living on the hill of Ophel made repairs up to a point opposite the Water Gate toward the east and the projecting tower. 27 Next to them, the men of Tekoa repaired another section, from the great projecting tower to the wall of Ophel.

28 Above the Horse Gate, the priests made repairs, each in front of his own house. 29 Next to them, Zadok son of Immer made repairs opposite his house. Next to him, Shemaiah son of Shekaniah, the guard at the East Gate, made repairs. 30 Next to him, Hananiah son of Shelemiah, and Hanun, the sixth son of Zalaph, repaired another section. Next to them, Meshullam son of Berekiah made repairs opposite his living quarters. 31 Next to him, Malkijah, one of the goldsmiths, made repairs as far as the house of the temple servants and the merchants, opposite the Inspection Gate, and as far as the room above the corner;32 and between the room above the corner and the Sheep Gate the goldsmiths and merchants made repairs.


Created For Good Works

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. — Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)
Good works should flow out of a grateful heart.  As we grow in faith and our understanding of God’s grace, we must decide how we will respond.  We could never repay God for His free gift of love that He gave to us through the death of His Son.  Our works and efforts can neither save us, nor keep us saved.  Good works are done because God has saved us.  In gratitude we do that which God has prepared for us to do.  There are many ways to express our thankfulness to God.   We could…
  • teach a children’s class at Sunday school or youth group
  • be a youth sponsor
  • serve as an usher
  • lead a small group Bible study
  • help take care of shut-ins (mow laws, shovel snow, take them grocery shopping, etc.)
  • give to a missionary or missionary organization
  • sponsor a child in a developing country
  • share the Gospel
  • visit people in the hospital
  • write encouragement notes
There are all kinds of ways that we can help, encourage and love people around us.  I think that is what doing good works is all about.  It’s about loving others as ourselves.  It’s sharing God’s love with everyone in our sphere of influence.
Who is in your sphere of influence with whom you can share some of God’s love today?  In what tangible way can you demonstrate God’s love to that person?  How can you do a “good work” to benefit God’s Kingdom before the end of this month?

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