No Other Gods

In the 10 Commandments, God begins by identifying Himself as the One who brought the Israelites up out of the land of Egypt where they were slaves. The very first commandment is this:

You shall have no other gods before me. – Exodus 20:3 (NIV)

This commandment is both backward looking and forward looking. The people of God were not to look back to Egypt and worship their gods. The gods of Egypt were powerless to stop the plagues brought about by the one true God. God brought judgment upon Pharaoh and the people of Egypt for their harsh mistreatment of His people.
The Israelites were also to look ahead to their future home in the promised land. The God who delivered His people was the same God who was taking them to a land that would be their own. This was the land promised to Abraham. The people of Canaan worshiped false gods and the temptation to worship these gods would be strong. They were to have no other gods than the one true God who had delivered them.
When we are tempted to worship gods such as power or wealth, we must remember that there is only one God who has delivered us from slavery to sin and its consequences. He is the one true God and we must make Him first in our lives.

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