Proverbs 16 is so full of good stuff!  Look at verses 3 and 9:

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3, NIV)

In his heart a man plans his course,
but the Lord determines his steps. (Proverbs 16:9, NIV)

These two verses show us that God is in charge.  If we commit ourselves to doing GOD’S will, we know that our plans will succeed (verse 3).  We also see that we can make all kinds of plans, but if it is not God’s will, we will fall.  We can plot and plan, but it is God who determines our steps (verse 9).  It reminds me of James 4.  Verse 15 (NIV) says, “…you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”  We can make all kinds of boasts and plans, but if it is not God’s will, we will not succeed.  We must surrender to God’s will and His plan each day.  That’s kind of a scary thing to do, but we need to do it.  Why?  Because Father knows best!  Our Heavenly Father knows what we need.  He loves us and wants to do what is best for us.  We can rest assured knowing that God’s will is for our best.  We may not always understand how what we are going through is for our best, but at some point we will understand more fully.  Either on this side of Heaven or when we see Him face to face.
PRAYER: Father, I want Your will to be done in my life today. So whatever plans I make, may they be done according to Your will and in Your time. Help me to remember that You know what is best. Thank You for blessing me with so much. Amen.

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