It’s Time To March

The Bible is full of strange, almost crazy stories.  God uses some pretty amazing means to accomplish His will.  Here are a few examples:
  • Moses being called into service through a burning bush that did not burn up
  • God speaking through a donkey to Balaam (Numbers 22)
  • God using the least likely of individuals (Joseph, David, Paul, etc) to do great things
  • Dry bones coming to life (Ezekiel 37)
  • God becoming flesh to suffer and die for the sins of the world in the person of Jesus

There are many others to be sure.  Here in Joshua 6, God reveals the battle plan for the taking of Jericho.  The Israelites are going to march around the city for six days and then on the seventh day, they’ll march around it seven times and blow their trumpets and the people will shout and the walls will come tumbling down.  A fortified city with 2 walls that were each about 6 feet thick and together stood about 50 feet high.  The city was about 3,000 feet all the way around.  This was a major city in Canaan and yet it was no match for God.

God doesn’t always do what we think makes sense.  But God’s got a plan.  He has a purpose.  While we may not see the big picture of what He’s doing, He knows what He’s doing.  It’s hard to remember and keep that in mind sometimes when we’re in the midst of what we’re going through. God is calling out to you, “Trust Me.”  What He is calling you to today may sound strange or far-fetched.  It may make you uncomfortable.  It may cause you to have to get outside of your box.  But the God who brings down fortified walls with marching and trumpets has a plan for your life.  When He says, “March!” let’s march.  And you can be sure that you will see the walls come tumbling down.
PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I pray today that You would tear down the walls in my life that are keeping me from doing Your will. Help me to hear Your voice and to march. I pray for a movement of Your power in my life through the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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