The God Who Weeps With Us

In John 11, we read of the story of Jesus raising His good friend, Lazarus, from the dead.  There is one thing that I find very comforting from this story of resurrection.  John 11:35 (NIV) says,

Jesus wept.

We memorize it when we are young (probably so we can say we memorized a Bible verse!).  We know that it is one of the shortest verses in the Bible (depending on the translation, Job 3:2 is shorter.  See, you learned something today!).  Why do I find these two words so comforting?  Because Jesus was fully human.  He was fully God.  He knew that He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead.  In John 11:23 (NIV), Jesus told Martha,

Your brother will rise again.

She misunderstood what Jesus was saying.  She thought that He meant that Lazarus would rise at the Resurrection at the end of time.  He then says to her that HE is the Resurrection and the Life.  Everyone who lives and believes in Jesus will never truly die.  We may physically die, but we will live forever because of Him.
Jesus then goes up to the tomb where Lazarus’ body had been placed.  He sees those who are mourning and weeping over the loss of Lazarus.  Some have suggested that Jesus weeps (we’re not talking about shedding a tear.  We’re talking about weeping and sobbing) because of the lack of faith of those around Him.  I don’t believe that this is the case.  Verse 36 tells us that those around Him perceived that Jesus was weeping because He loved Lazarus.
Jesus, though He knew what He was going to do, was overcome with emotion.  Even though He knew that He would see His friend again (and very soon, in fact!), He was still very emotional in the moment.  He wept with those who were weeping.  He mourned with those who were mourning.  He didn’t look down on those who were crying and grieving.  He grieved right along with them.
The next time you are overcome with emotion and are grieving a loss, remember that God knows what it is like to experience loss.  You are not weak if you weep.  You are not soft because you sob.  You are human and Jesus was, too.  Though you know that all things will eventually be raised and restored, it does not mean that you don’t have real emotions in the present.
Go ahead and grieve and mourn.  God is right there with you and He sees and knows your pain.  If you are grieving and mourning today, my prayer is that you will know the peace of God that goes beyond all comprehension and will be comforted by His loving presence.
PRAYER: Father in Heaven, I pray for Your comfort in my life today. I know that You will restore all things and will work all things out for good. Until that day, I need You to comfort me when I mourn and weep. Thank You for Jesus, amen.

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