The Beauty of Freshly Fallen Snow

I originally wrote this post 6 years ago after several days of snow.  I thought it would be appropriate to send it out today in light of the blizzard we had here in NW Indiana yesterday.  Enjoy! 

It snowed last night.  Again.  This was that heavy, wet “heart-attack” snow.  It’s an unfortunate term, but it is an appropriate one.  I shoveled for about 20-30 minutes this morning and I know that I will be feeling it tomorrow for sure.  I once asked God why we had to have snow.  You see, I hate snow.  I lived in Minnesota for 5 years.  I know what snow is.  I have seen and shoveled snow.  I hate shoveling it.  I hated blowing it with a snow-blower.  I hate driving in it.  I hate walking on it.  I hate it when it freezes.  I hate it when it falls.  Yes, it is pretty to look at, but if I never had to shovel it, drive in it, or walk on it ever again, it would be too soon.  I.  Hate.  Snow.  Period.

So I once asked God why it was that we had to have snow.  I was driving along, in the snow, and I was frustrated.  Why does snow have to fall on His earth?  Why can’t we have green all year long?  How great would it be to have sunshine and flowers and green grass every day?  (I know, I know.  Move to San Diego.)  What was most surprising about my conversation with God about the snow was that He responded.  He told me why we have to have snow.

“Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.”  (Psalm 51:7, NIV)
God told me that the snow was the perfect illustration for how clean I am when He forgives my sins.  When He washed me clean in the blood of Christ, He made me whiter than snow.  I have to admit, as much as I hate snow, there is a certain beauty in it when it first falls to the ground.  Before the salt is put down and before it gets dirty and slushy, it is peaceful and beautiful.  I may hate snow, but I love forgiveness.  I love being made clean by my Savior.  I love being white as snow.  So the next time you groan when the weatherman predicts six inches of snow, remember the words of Psalm 51:7.  Maybe David’s words will bring a smile to your face in the midst of your shoveling.
PRAYER: Thank You, Father, for the snow for it teaches me about forgiveness.  Thank You for forgiving my many sins and washing me clean like freshly fallen snow.  I thank You in Jesus’ name, amen.

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