Starving For God’s Word

In Amos chapter 8, the prophet delivers a powerful and terrible prophecy against Israel:

“The time is surely coming,” says the Sovereign LORD,
“when I will send a famine on the land—
not a famine of bread or water
but of hearing the words of the LORD.
People will stagger from sea to sea
and wander from border to border
searching for the word of the LORD,
but they will not find it.
Beautiful girls and strong young men
will grow faint in that day,
thirsting for the LORD’s word.
And those who swear by the shameful idols of Samaria—
who take oaths in the name of the god of Dan
and make vows in the name of the god of Beersheba*—
they will all fall down,
never to rise again.” – Amos 8:11-14 (NLT)

One of the definitions of famine is “any extreme and general scarcity.”  When Israel fell on hard times, they would turn to God and seek His Word from His prophets.  Amos told them that a famine was coming.  Not a famine of food and drink, but a famine of the words of the LORD.  No more prophets.  No more prophetic messages.  A time was coming when God would be silent.

One of the most painful things one can give in a relationship is the silent treatment.  When you have done something so egregious to someone that they refuse to speak to you.  OH!  It hurts so much!  You crave the sound of their voice.  You want to apologize and hear the words, “I forgive you.”  But there is nothing.  Just silence.  God was going to give Israel the silent treatment and they deserved it.

We live in a very blessed time where we have access to God’s Word, the Bible, in many different ways.  We have physical books, e-books and the Bible on the internet.  Yet we seem to be living in a time of unparalleled Biblical illiteracy.  We can access God’s Word 24/7/365, but we don’t!  We have created our own famine and it is tragic!

Get in the Word!  Read your Bibles!  Spend time with God and hear Him communicate with you through His Word!  Feed your starving soul with the powerful, loving message of the Bible.

PRAYER: Lord, help me to love Your Word.  Help me to read it and live it out in my life.  Thank You for revealing Yourself and Your Son in Your Word.  In Jesus’ name I thank You, amen.


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