Leaders Are To Love

Micah 3:1-4 (NIV)

Then I said,

“Listen, you leaders of Jacob,
    you rulers of Israel.
Should you not embrace justice,
    you who hate good and love evil;
who tear the skin from my people
    and the flesh from their bones;
who eat my people’s flesh,
    strip off their skin
    and break their bones in pieces;
who chop them up like meat for the pan,
    like flesh for the pot?”

Then they will cry out to the Lord,
    but he will not answer them.
At that time he will hide his face from them
    because of the evil they have done.

The leaders of Israel and Judah weren’t doing their job.  Micah was charged with prophesying against them.  These leaders were supposed to be the shepherds of God’s people, yet they did not care about the people.  Later in chapter 3, the Lord brings a list of accusations against the leaders of Israel and Judah.  They weren’t taking care of the people and that was one of their primary responsibilities.

People are always at the heart of God’s mission in His world and in His Kingdom.  Church leaders who don’t care about people shouldn’t be leading.  One can be a great speaker, but if there is no love for people, what good are their words?  One can be a great leader, but if they don’t care about the sheep under their care, they haven’t used their gifts of leadership properly.

God’s indictment against the leaders of His people carried a dire warning.  There was coming a time when the leaders would cry out to Him, but He would not answer them.  They had neglected justice for God’s people and God could not abide with those who didn’t love and care for His flock.  When they would be carried off into exile, they would then turn to God but it would be too late.  They should have been seeking the Lord the whole time.  Instead, they used their positions to exploit the poor for their own gain.

May our leaders in our churches, whether ministers, elders, deacons or ministry leaders, seek to do what is right for the people whom they serve.  God’s heart beats for people and so should our hearts.


PRAYER: God, I pray today for the leaders of the churches in our world.  May they have hearts that beat for You first and people second.  Help them to serve You well that our churches may be strengthened to make a difference and to impact our world for Jesus Christ.  In His name, amen.


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