Loving The Doubters

Be merciful to those who doubt — Jude 1:22 (NIV)

As Christians, we are going to meet people in life who do not believe in Christ.  They, like so many, doubt the existence of a loving, personal God.  They doubt that Jesus was who He said He was.  They doubt that the Resurrection ever took place.  They doubt that they could be forgiven from their sins and transgressions.  They doubt that Jesus is returning.  They doubt the existence of heaven and hell.  Oftentimes our first inclination is to debate the doubters.  Jude tells us something different — love them.  Have mercy on them.  Be compassionate towards them.

The Greek word translated as “be merciful” means to have compassion on those who doubt.  To remember our own doubts before we came to faith.  To remember the doubts that we’ve had since coming to faith in Christ.  To empathize with those who have not yet come to faith in Jesus.  Let’s face it, we’ve all had moments of doubt.  Even those with the strongest faith can feel their knees buckle from time to time when the storms of life blow hard against us.  Rather than punishing those who doubt and whose faith may waver, we should deal gently with them.  We should extend grace and mercy to those who are dealing with doubt.  To mercifully help bring or restore someone to faith is far better than debating or shaming them into hell.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I have had moments of doubt.  You have dealt with me gently and have lovingly brought me back to faith.  May I not forget those moments of doubt in my own life as I encounter others who doubt.  Help me to be merciful and loving toward those who are having a hard time with faith.  Thank You for loving me, amen.


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