That’s Why They Call It “Faith”

Did your car start this morning?

Did your furnace kick on throughout the night (if you live in a colder climate)?

Did your computer power up when you pressed the power button?

Did the sun come up today?  Will it come out again tomorrow?

We trust that many things will happen each day.  We expect things to do what they are told to do.  We are a people of faith.

We have great faith that the car will start and that facebook will still be there and the dryer will dry the clothes.  We do not think about them, we just trust that these things will happen.

When they don’t happen, we are surprised and a bit taken aback by these occurrences.

Why?  Because we live in a world that requires faith.  We are people who trust and have faith.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. – Hebrews 11:1 (NLT)

When it comes to trusting our Heavenly Father for provision or for salvation through Jesus, we need to have faith.  While I cannot see the Father and I have never seen the Son nor the Spirit, I trust that they are there.  That’s why they call it “faith.”  I may not understand everything about God, but I have a confident faith that He exists.  I see the evidence of Creation and trust that a loving, benevolent Creator made it all.

I have had far too many instances of God coming through in my life that I cannot chalk it up to coincidence.  I believe and have faith that there is a God who cares for and loves me.  I believe and have faith that He loves everyone in the world so much that He would sacrifice Jesus so that the world could be forgiven by His grace through faith in His Son’s atoning death and that we could find hope in His resurrection.

It’s not blind faith.  I see the evidence of God’s love all around me.

It’s not misplaced faith.  The evidence I see points to the God of the Bible being the one true God and Creator of us all.

It’s not a crutch for the weak.  It’s a confident assurance I have that comes from knowing I am loved and always will be.

It’s faith.  And based on the evidence I’ve seen and the things I have witnessed, I believe it with all of my heart.

Questions to Ponder

When do you find it hardest to have faith?

What gives your faith strength?

What causes you to have doubts?

Pray and ask God to give you an extra measure of faith today.


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